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Does OCR work on all operating systems?
How to upgrade from Endpoint Protector Server v5.8.0.0 to v5.8.1.0 with a greyed-out "Apply Updates" button
Endpoint Protector - Upgrade Prerequisites
How will upgrading to macOS Ventura impact my Endpoint Protector functionality?
OTP device code compatibility
Does the Endpoint Protector Administration Interface have a timeout?
What ports are used by the Endpoint Protector Client to communicate with the Endpoint Protector Server
How does the File size threshold apply to uploads
How to utilize Deep Packet Inspection alongside ADFS, or other Authentication Services
How to use Content Detection Summary
How to use Client Update Mechanism
How to use Monitor webmail for Gmail
How to set Deep Packet Inspection on macOS Monterey
Normal flow to update to Monterey while using Endpoint Protector Client
How to install Endpoint Protector on macOS Monterey (12.0)
How to use Self Signing Certificate and Regenerate Server Certificate Stack together in
How to set FQDN in subject
Normal flow to update to Monterey while using Endpoint Protector Client and Deep Packet Inspection
How to install a GlobalSign Root Certificate and a DigiCert Root Certificate on Windows
How is File Copy event working on Linux distributions?
How to set Intercept VPN Traffic on macOS Big Sur?
How to set Deep Packet Inspection on macOS Big Sur?
How to install Endpoint Protector on macOS Big Sur (11.0)
Why is the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) functionality not working on Windows 7?
Why isn’t DPI inspecting content when VPN add-ons are installed on browsers?
Why did the MAC Address change after upgrading the Windows Endpoint Protector Client to version
Why are some of the Windows Apps no longer monitored after upgrading to version
Why do I get the Legacy System Extension notification on macOS 10.15.4+ (Catalina Beta versions)?
Why are my users experiencing browser issues on endpoints where the Endpoint Protector Client is installed?
How to install Endpoint Protector on macOS Catalina (10.15)
How to view Audit Log Backups in Mozilla Firefox
How to properly configure the Deny Access but Allow Charging on iOS devices?
How does Read Only work for Network Shares?
Where can I find the CoSoSys’ Team ID and Bundle ID?
Why isn’t the Serial Number correctly identified for my iPhone?
Why do I get the 'Failed to initiate USB device' when using the 'Allow Access if TD1+, otherwise Read Only' right?
How can I view Clipboard File Shadows?
Why isn’t the default Endpoint Protector Client working on Windows XP?
Spectre and Meltdown. What to know as an Endpoint Protector user.
What Endpoint Protector Client runs on Mac OS 10.7?
How to properly use the custom duration for Offline Temporary Passwords
Why do I get the System Extension Blocked notification on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)?
What do I need to consider when performing a backup restore for Endpoint Protector 5?
Why did the eDiscovery Scanning Status progress bar dropped to a lower percentage?
Why doesn’t the Read Only Right work as intended after changing access rights?
Why do Linux various system users appear in the Endpoint Protector’s UI?
Why can't I find the System Policies page?
What is the file shadows format for documents sent to Printers?
How to enable Advanced Printer and MTP Scanning
How can I whitelist a particular device, allowing access globally?
Why am I experiencing issues with the Endpoint Protector 4 Client after upgrading Windows 10?
Why do I get a Secure Connection Failed (Invalid Certificate) on Mozilla Firefox browser?
What are cryptographic hashes and how to calculate MD5 and SHA256 checksums?
What Endpoint Protector agent runs on Mac OS 10.5?
Why is my smartphone detected by Endpoint Protector as multiple device type?
Does Endpoint Protector inspect content sent through Thunderbird?
How to correctly run EasyLock site licenses for Endpoint Protector 4?
How do I upgrade to the latest version of Endpoint Protector?
How do I run the .VMX virtual appliance as I am using an older VMware Workstation / VMware Player version?
How to make a System Backup in Endpoint Protector
Why can't I use my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard on my Mac?
Why is my printer detected by EPP as an USB Storage Device?
Where can I see my scanner in the controlled device list?
Why are the Microsoft Office files (docx, xlsx and pptx) detected by Content Aware Protection not only as Word, Excel or Power Point files, but also as image files?
How does the EasyLock software work with the EPP/ EPP Client software?
How does the EasyLock software behave on a computer without EPP/ EPP Client software?
Why can’t I charge my iPhone (iPod, iPad) on my Windows XP PC?
When does a red dot appear in devices list?
When does a green dot or a red dot appear in the status devices list?
What is a “File Read-Write” event in Endpoint Protector Server?
On which platforms can Endpoint Protector Server be installed?
For how many computers can I use File Tracing and File Shadowing? Is there a difference between Virtual and Hardware Appliance regarding this?
Why is my camera detected as Digital Camera on some computers and as Windows Portable Device on others?
Will Content Aware Protection detect and block documents with sensitive content (credit card numbers, SSN etc.) if transferred as archives?
Why Content Aware Protection does not detect a specific word in my .doc file?
Will Content Aware Protection block sensitive content files from the File Whitelist?
Why can I not upload a file of 16 MB to my File Whitelist?
Why can I not upload my file to File Whitelist?
What is the default user and password for the Endpoint Protector Reporting and Administration Tool?
What version of the Endpoint Protector client can I use with my server?
Why is my iPhone blocked by EPP even if it has Allow Access rights?
Why the “write from USB Drive to computer” events are not being logged for my Mac computer?
What to do after a power failure of your Virtual Appliance?
How can I start Ubuntu in Safe Mode?
Can I still charge my iPhone on a computer controlled by Endpoint Protector?
Why can I not set “Read Only” rights for my iPhone?
Why can I not run the EPP Client Package directly from the Endpoint Protector Appliance?
Will Endpoint Protector recognize an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connected to my Mac computer?
Will Endpoint Protector recognize iPhones, iPads and iPods Touch connected to my computer?
Will Endpoint Protector recognize my iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch connected to my Windows PC?
How can I control iDevices on Endpoint Protector for Mac?
Is it possible to block an internal card reader on Mac with Endpoint Protector?
Why doesn't the WiFi connection work on a computer running Endpoint Protector Client, even if the WiFi rights are set to "Allow Access"?
How can I uninstall Endpoint Protector Client from my Mac computer?
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