Historial de Versiones de Endpoint Protector

Obtenga información sobre las más recientes y previas actualizaciones de Endpoint Protector. Información sobre los cambios y mejoras se detallan en orden cronológico a continuación.


Endpoint Protector 2009
(for Windows Server 2003)

Windows Installation Server Version: (32bit)
Client Version: (32bit)

Below is a list of new features and improvements to the previous versions.

Server Administration and Reporting Changes

  • Completely updated web-based Administration and Reporting Tool Interface.
  • Wizards for simplified Device Management have been introduced. Allows faster/more intuitive device rights management.
  • Endpoint Lockdown mode was introduced. One click instantly locks down all endpoints and stops ongoing data transfers and device use.
  • System Snapshots have been added to easily restore previous settings.
  • On / Off button for Endpoint Protector secured environment was introduced.
  • Multilingual Interface. (English, German, French, Romanian, Hungarian…)
  • E-Mail Alerts to notify the administrators of events have been improved.
  • Graphical Reports have been improved.
  • Overall functionality has been enhanced and additional functionality has been added such as advanced searches, filters, tooltips, etc...

Client Side Changes

  • File Whitelisting was introduced. Only previously authorized files can be copied on authorized USB devices.
  • Additional controllable Device Types have been added. (ExpressCard SSD, Printers, Bluetooth,…)
  • Improved Client Self Defense. Extended protection for Client Service to be stopped. Even users with Administrative privileges require a password to uninstall or stop Endpoint Protector Client.
  • Reduced memory and CPU usage.
  • Faster communication between client and server.

Installation Changes

  • Synchronization with Active Directory was added and the Active Directory Plug-in was generally improved (performance and functionality).
  • Endpoint Protector Client Deployment over Active Directory was added.
  • The Endpoint Protector Server routine for installation on the Windows 2003 Server Platform has been simplified and improved.
  • Installation of 3rd party software requirements (OpenSSL, etc.) has been simplified and improved through an extended assisted installer.