Historial de Versiones de Endpoint Protector

Obtenga información sobre las más recientes y previas actualizaciones de Endpoint Protector. Información sobre los cambios y mejoras se detallan en orden cronológico a continuación.


Endpoint Protector 2009

Windows Client Version: (32bit and 64bit)

Below is a list of new features and improvements to the previous versions.

Windows Client Side Changes

  • Security improvement - Human interface devices (HID) that are not recognized are automatically blocked, while unknown HID devices will be controlled as USB mass storage devices
  • More efficient control for SATA and WiFi devices
  • Optimizations to client-server communication and event handling
  • Improvements to rights management for logged clients’ sessions
  • New test checks added for other endpoint protection software installations detection that may interfere with the proper functioning of Endpoint Protector
  • Improved space management
  • Now with support for serial ATA hard disk drives