Carry it Easy +Plus

Whenever you go, wherever you go, you can easily carry your data with you. Carry it Easy +Plus helps you take all your personal data wherever you want to go. Send and receive e-mails from any computer that has Outlook or Outlook Express installed. Have your internet bookmarks with you and access them from any computer, the regular way or with No Trace Browsing. Work anywhere you want and carry all your files with you with just a few clicks. All this, with an interface that is available in up to 17 languages.

Fin de Venta / Fin de Desarrollo

CoSoSys se compromete a proporcionar excelentes soluciones de seguridad a clientes de todo el mundo. Dado que todos los productos de tecnología llegan al final de su vida útil, Carry It Easy ahora es un producto que se ha descontinuado. Los clientes con una licencia válida aún pueden usar este producto, pero deben tener en cuenta que las nuevas actualizaciones del producto y el soporte técnico ya no estarán disponibles para Carry It Easy.

Los clientes que buscan una solución con un conjunto de características similares deben consultar nuestra aplicación de cifrado USB – EasyLock: https://www.endpointprotector.es/products/easylock

Outlook Sync

Keep your Outlook profiles synchronized between different computers. Always have your Outlook at home and at work up to date.


Protect your data with powerful 128 bit AES Encryption. Simple and safe.


Save website passwords and logins with just one click. Access your favorite websites faster and have your passwords with you on your portable device.

Favorites Sync

Carry all your links and access them from any computer.

How Carry it Easy +Plus Works

How Data Loss Prevention works